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• Outdoor centres now offered for sale

• Final cyclocross event

• Phones, Chimes and Heat in Hungerford

• Bread – NSF Ducks

If you find yourself flicking through the Daltons Business website while looking for businesses for sale in Wiltshire, don’t be surprised if you find both Oxenwood and Braeside outdoor education centres listed there. But perhaps you might be a little bit surprised to find that the agency offering both centres for sale, listed by one source as Edwards and Partners – but now rebranded as Sanderson Weatherall – are a) specialists in caravan and holiday parks and b) not exactly local.

Edwards and Partners were, last time we looked, based in York. And the Sanderson Weatherall office dealing with both Braeside and Oxenwood seems to be located nearly a hundred miles from Braeside and over a hundred miles from Oxenwood. Hardly a hop, skip and a jump, but then again it’s more likely a case of specialist knowledge.

The information packs about both centres are still being assembled, but we do know there will be open days when prospective buyers will be able to have a look round both premises.

Sanderson Weatherall classify Braeside’s property type as “Residential” and “Leisure”, as they also do Oxenwood… which is a relief, since they also have property classifications which include “Caravan Parks”, “Industrial” and, which would be sinister in this case, “Development and Land”, but fortunately neither centre is classified in those ways.

All in all, this means both sites will stay open for the rest of the year and will, contrary to previous expectations, be taking bookings for next year, even though it’s only “provisionally” according to Wiltshire Council. And that – provisionally or otherwise – we can’t help thinking has a great deal to do with the thousands of people who made their views known that morning outside County Hall in Trowbridge and, of course, the originator of the original petition to save Braeside and Oxenwood, Lucy Gomes. (TOP)


Outdoor centres now offered for sale

Phones, Chimes and Heat in Hungerford

You may be unaware that hidden away in the Town Hall clock tower, behind each clock face is a mobile phone mast.  During the summer (and especially this one!) it gets surprisingly hot inside the tower and Vodafone are working to reconfigure their equipment in there to reduce the overheating and improve its performance.

To do the work required, they will need to turn off the clock chimes for the period of the works from Monday 20th to Friday 24th August, as they are quite literally deafening if you are stood in the tower when they go off!

While the work is being done on the clock tower, The Town and Manor will also take the opportunity to have the clock set to the right time (it’s running slightly late at the moment).                  (TOP)

Final cyclocross event


Sunday August 19th is your final chance to join in this year’s Marlborough Summer Cyclocross, hosted in the college grounds by the Marlborough Bike Company, Eventrex Sports Events and Marlborough College Summer School. Riders under the age of 12 can participate in a ten minute race starting at 10:00 am, while at 10:45 am there’ll be a twenty minute race for under 16’s.

There’ll be two further races that day, both lasting 40 minutes – the first at 11:40 for female riders aged 16 and over, and at 12:45pm males over the age of 16 will compete in the last race of the day.

Mountain bikes or CX bikes are perfect for cyclocross. You’ll be riding yours on grass covered park land, so make sure it’s in good working order beforehand. Races will be run under British Cycling rules – one of which requires all riders to wear a helmet.

You’ll need to visit www.marlboroughbike.co.uk and click on “Enter Online Here” for a guaranteed place in a race (entry fees range from £5 to £13) and make sure you do so before 12 noon on August 18th.

But if you haven’t clicked in time, don’t panic – you might just be able to enter on the day if the race hasn’t been sold out.

For more information, send an email to info@eventrexuk.co.uk or better still, why not have a word with the Marlborough Bike Company, at 1-2 Kingsbury Street, opposite the Town Hall, 01672 515156, www.marlboroughbike.co.uk. (TOP)


Bread – NSF Ducks

Even though it’s a tradition that goes back for generations, feeding bread to the ducks is now firmly on the list of things we shouldn’t be doing any more.

It’s not political correctness gone mad – it’s more a case of keeping the ducks and the water where they live in better condition.

Caroline Robson, from the Canal & River Trust, says: “Getting up close to the wildlife on our waterways is one of the simple joys of being on the canal and feeding the ducks is a great family activity. We would like visitors to think about what they are feeding the ducks and to ask them to make a small change to improve their diets.

Hungerford’s Mayor Helen Simpson says: “Hungerford Wharf is a really popular spot to feed the ducks. However, we have noticed that left over bread has been attracting vermin, such as rats and feral pigeons, which isn’t nice for the visitors. By changing what we feed the ducks our wildlife gets to enjoy a healthier diet, and we also reduce the problem of having left over bits of bread and food at the wharf area.”

Even though ducks may love the taste of bread, they’re equally happy bobbing and diving for much-less-processed foodstuff, like rice, birdseed, frozen corn and peas, grains and even vegetable trimmings and peels, suitably chopped.

So now you can save your bread for sandwiches and toast, and enjoy feeding the ducks with something you know will do them – and the water they live on – a power of good.



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